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Unquestionable leadership of Luis Monzón in the first leg of the Rías

The pilot of the Mini JCW WRC marks important differences with respect to its direct rivals in the first leg of the 49º Rallye Internacional Rías Baixas

May 31st, 2013Gabinete de prensa

The first leg of the 49º Rallye Internacional Rías Baixas has served to prove that the Mini JCW WRC from Luis Monzón is superior to the rest of vehicles running this national rally. The pilot from the Canary Islands defeated unquestionably in the two rounds of the Nigrán Stage and ended the day in the top of the provisional qualification of the "Rías", with more than a minute of advantage over the current Champion of the Spain Asphalt Rally Championship, Miguel Fuster, who during the day has complaint about having problems with the intercoms and the sixth gear.

Luis Monzón is 45 seconds and 5 tenths ahead of the Vallejo brothers (forth), and other of his direct adversaries in the fight for the victory in the "Rías", such as Xevi Pons, are out of the competition. The driver from Catalonia was forced to leave the SS 2 Nigrán due to a breakdown in this Porsche 997 GT3 Cup R.

The only one capable of overshadowing Monzón in this first leg is Alberto Meira. Driving his Mitshubishi Evo X, the pilot from Vincios grabbed firmly to the second position. He is at 16.3 seconds of the leader. The third position, on the other hand, is for Jonathan Pérez, with a difference of 39.3 seconds with respect to the one from the Canary Islands.

If Monzón was the unquestionable protagonist in Nigrán, Álvaro Muñiz was so in the Vigo Stage. The driver of the Lotus Exige GT Rallye leaded both rounds in the city special stage of O Castro, improving in 10 seconds the best time achieved by Alberto Hevia last year in the same route. However, the day didn't end well for Muñiz. A breakdown in this vehicle, in the second round in Nigrán, made him leave the competition.

The team of Óscar Pereiro and Luis Penido had the same bad luck. While driving towards Monte Alba, in the first round of the Nigrán Stage, the broke down the bearing of the Mini Rallye 2 and were not able to finish the leg. If they are able to repair the car, they expect to return to the rally tomorrow, assuming the corresponding sanction

Las Copas

Jonathan Pérez finishes first of the first leg of the 49º Rallye Internacional Rías Baixas leading the Mitshubishi Evo Cup, with 13.4 seconds of advantage over Víctor Senra, who has the second place, and with almost 4 minutes over Pernía, who had problems with the TC4.

In the Challenge Twingo R2, Alberto Otero is in the first place. The second position goes to Jorge González "Rantur" at 15.3 seconds and the third one is for Marcos Canedo at almost 48 seconds.

And in the Copa Suzuki Swift, the leader is Pablo Pazó, followed by Víctor Pérez and Fran Lago, in the second and third position, respectively.

The public was up to it

The first leg of the 49º Rallye Internacional Rías Baixas gathered, both in the urban stage in Vigo as in the one in Nigrán thousands of fans. The public responded again to the call of the "Rías", stood in the places indicated by the organization and was able to enjoy an excellent day of competition.


This first leg defeats very important teams, such as the one integrated by Xevi Pons, candidate to the victory and who withdraw in the SS2 Nigran due to an engine breakdown.
Oscar Pereiro also had to stop his Mini due to the breaking of a bearing after the same stage. At the time, they are trying to change it to be able to go on rallying tomorrow.
The Nigran stage would also be the last one for Javier Ramos (23), Oscar Mouriño (45) and Luis M Souto (200).
In the second round in Nigran (SS4), Álvaro Muñiz-Lotus Exige (15), Marcos Alvarez (51) and Daniel Rguez. (52) had to withdraw due to mechanical problems.
At the end of this leg, the are still 49 teams competing.

2nd Leg

Tomorrow, Saturday, we'll see the following stages: two rounds in Fornelos (30,32 km), Ponteareas (17,20 km) and As Neves (14,02km), the first stage starting at 09:57 am, where, given the kilometres, there may be some differences. Also, this is where the Porsche need to begin their attack for the leadership if they want to have options to win in this edition of the Rías, always if the current champion Alberto Meira allows so.
The last of the stages, As Neves, begins at 5:18 PM and will be the decisive one.
The trophy ceremony will be at 7:30 PM at the Puerta del Sol.

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Alberto Meira
Alberto Meira
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