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SS 10 As Neves Stage (05.18 p.m.)
Scratch in As Neves and final victory in the Rally for Alberto Meira.
Verónica García. 48 Rallye Internacional Rías Baixas Vodafone Concello de Vigo Press.

Alberto Meira and Álvaro Bañobre certified their final victory in the 48º Rallye Internacional Rías Baixas Vodafone Concello de Vigo wining big in the last special stage (8:45:6).

The racing team from Vincios raced this last special stage without any complications, employed almost 4 seconds less than in the first loop in this same special stage and was able to snatch 4.7 seconds more to Alberto Hevia, who finally had to be happy with the second place both in the SS10 as in the final general classification of the Rías. The final difference between both pilots was of 6.6 seconds.

The third place in the podium goes to Víctor Senra. The pilot from Coruña got the sixth best time in As Neves SS, but the withdrawal due to a breakdown of Jonathan Pérez in this special stage made wining this position easier for him.

The third best time in As Neves SS was that of the Pais brothers (Mitshubishi Lancer EVO X), a time that allowed them to finish the rally in the sixth place. Three positions below in the general classifications we find Sergio and Diego Vallejo, who in the SS 10 finished fourth. Miguel Fuster was fifth in this last special stage and fourth in the general classification.

Status of the Stage: Covered skies, but the road is almost dry, except for the middle part.

Pilots Statements:

15.- Alberto Meira: 'I was very fast, but we have to wait for Hevia to see what happens.' “The truth is that since I’m a kid I’ve wanted to win the Rías Baixas and this is a dream come true. Winning a Spanish champion is a satisfaction. From here I want to thanks the racing team that is at the IFEVI.'

8.- Alberto Hevia: 'We raced a good rally, we did everything we could. I congratulate Meira, who has been racing the whole rally really good and I hope this is not the only one he wins.'

17.- Alejandro Pais: 'Very happy, we’ve been fighting and we are very happy since this is the first 'rías' we race without any incident.'

4.- Miguel Fuster: 'It’s been a very hard rally. We’ve had everything: a penalty, a flat tire… But we are happy since our main rivals, such as Monzón, are behind us.'

3.- Sergio Vallejo: 'Good, I’ve enjoyed the rally a lot. It hurts me for the fans, for my failure yesterday. The best is to drive through the special stages and see how the fans cheer you; that is priceless. I enjoy it very much.'

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