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End of the third section
Here comes the rain, Meira consolidates his leadership.
Rocío González. 48 Rallye Internacional Rías Baixas Vodafone Concello de Vigo Press.

As expected, the rain makes its appearance in this 48th Edition of the Rallye Internacional Rías Baixas Vodafone. This situation favours Meira, who keeps his leadership at 16.8" from Hevia.

Meira began this section by having the best time in the As Neves SS where Hevia was not capable of positioning better than sixth, losing 14.2", which increases the difference in the general classification to 19.6". This result changed in the following special stage, where Hevia was the one with the best time, although he was only able to decrease the difference in 2.8" over that of the pilot from Vincios.

Behind, in the third place, Víctor Senra finishes the section keeping his position, although with problems in the gearbox that if he is not able to fix are going to risk his "bronze" in the Rías.

Jonathan Pérez finishes fourth at 18" of the podium and moving Luís Monzón further away up to 57.4". Current leader of the National Championship is still fighting for the third place that will be within reach if Senra's problems are confirmed.

The fifth one is Luis Monzón, who raced a very modest third section and although keeping his position, is seriously threaten by Fuster, with only 6.8" of difference.

The pilot from Alicante is doing a great recovery; if it weren't for the rain, he would have had a chance of being in the podium, making this Rally more exciting. We have to remember that he is dragging a penalty of one minute from the first special stage.

Great performance of the Pais brothers, that despite losing one position with Fuster, they are in the seventh place in the general ahead of Joan Vinyes, who is the leader in the four-wheel drive category.

Enrique García Ojeda climbs two positions in this section and stays ninth ahead of Gorka Antxustegui, who is the last one of the first ten cars of the Rally.

Admirable performance of the Vallejo brothers who, apart from delighting the spectators, are climbing positions and are already thirteenth in the general classification. They began the day in position fifty three.

In the Copa Suzuki, Pablo Pazó continues being the leader and increases the distance over Marcos Rodríguez up to 57.4". Víctor Pérez is third followed by Fernando Rico and Adrián Díaz.

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