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SS 8 Ponteareas Stage (01.41 p.m.)
Hevia's scratch that shortens the diferences.
Rocío González. 48 Rallye Internacional Rías Baixas Vodafone Concello de Vigo Press.

Change in Meira's ruling with the victory of Alberto Hevia (11.27.0) in the second loop of this special stage; however, it only gets to shorten the different with the pilot from Vincios in 2.8". Even driving conservatively, Alberto Meira gets the second best time that keeps him leading the Rally one more section.

Víctor Senra ends third with 11.29.8 and arrivs at the finish line with problems in the gearbox that will try to fix before the beginning of the third section.

Fuster risks everything again and in wet road he gets to put his Porsche in the best fourth time, climbing to the sixth position in the general classification, to the detriment of the Pais brothers, who only reach the seventh position.

Jonathan Pérez finishes fifth (11.46.5) followed by Joan Vinyes at 0.3 seconds, keeping both their positions in the general classification, fourth and eighth respectively.

The rain plus the worn out tires prevents Sergio Vallejo to improve the eight position achieved in Ponteareas, in favour of the show the pilot from Lugo provides.

Enrique García Ojeda finishes ninth and Antxustegui is the last of the first ten cars.

Luís Monzón suffers again under the rain and is not capable of improving his eleventh position threaten by Fuster at only 6.8 seconds.

What's worth mentioning is the twelfth position of Rodrigo Rodríguez "Roy" with a time of 12.14.6, placing him in the same position in the general classification.

Status of the Stage: It's still drizzling, with wet zones that can make things complicated due to mud formation after the first cars.

Pilots Statements:

15.- Alberto Meira: "Pretty wet, we are driving quite fast, but we don't want to make mistakes. They are racing way behind, but we keep our own pace, we don't want to lose the scoring."

12.- Víctor Senra: He arrives at the finish line with the hazard flashers on. "We have a problem with the gearbox, let's see if we can take a look, but it went from fifth to fourth and the second is blocked."

8.- Alberto Hevia: "Quite better, I risked pretty much."

1.- Jonathan Pérez: "Good, quite complicated. In the first zone we were careful, but at the end we got a good rhythm."

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